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  • Numerous Cryptocurrencies Available
  • Great Security System
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • No KYC complications
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Depth of Liquidity
  • Unavailable to US citizens
  • Average customer service

About the HitBTC Exchange

The exchange launched back in 2013 by Hit Solution Limited whose offices are based in Hong Kong; they also have a full-time office in Chile. The exchange is one of the largest with over 800 coins listed for trading and one of the highest exchanges when it comes to trading volumes.

Originally launched in the UK, this trailblazing platform has since transitioned its operations to the more temperate regulatory climate of Chile. HitBTC is not just a digital currency exchange but a cornerstone of the crypto community, offering an expansive trading ecosystem. Its distinguishing feature is a robot-friendly API, which allows the tech-savvy and creative developers among its users to craft customized trading applications, setting HitBTC apart in a competitive market.

Key Information

HiTBTC has gained a reputation for being one of the best technologically advanced crypto coin exchanges. It has a perfect uptime record, and its real-time algorithms help to make buying, selling and trading as smooth as possible.

  • Foundation Year: 2013 was a landmark year in the cryptocurrency domain, witnessing the rise of HitBTC.
  • Operational Base: The strategic shift to Chile signifies HitBTC’s global approach and adaptability.
  • Core Competence: Specializing in services for cryptocurrency traders, HitBTC goes beyond being a mere trading platform. It is a comprehensive ecosystem, encouraging innovative developments with its unique, robot-friendly API.
  • Cryptocurrency Assortment: A staggering repertoire of over 500 cryptocurrency pairs reflects HitBTC’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the digital assets space.
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How Does It Work?

Like any cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to sign up with a valid email and a secure password. Once your email has been verified you will be able to deposit into your account and start to buy, sell or trade crypto coins.

Engagement with HitBTC is a foray into an efficient trading system. Post-registration, users enter a world where trading with leverage, a rarity in crypto exchanges, is a reality. This feature, coupled with an entry threshold of just $1, democratizes trading, inviting participants across the financial spectrum. The platform is a powerhouse, facilitating direct over-the-counter transactions, a feature that underscores its commitment to providing a versatile trading experience. 

Day Trading

Day trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies within minutes, hours and can be done multiple times over a 24 hour period. The aim of day trading is to take advantage of small moves in the market for a profit. Traders can set stop loss or stop limits to help them benefit more.

Margin Trading/Leverage Trading

To Margin Trade you are borrowing from a broker to purchase more coins than you can afford with your account funds. Leverage trading allows you to leverage x1, x25, x50, x75 and x100 your initial trade.

OTC Trading

OTC (over-the-counter) lets you do high volume trading without the need of going through the public order books. HitBTC will help execute the deal with the other party/parties in a way that will not affect the market price of the coin or token. Working with Trustedvolumes.com, the exchange will provide a fast execution of the trade. The OTC is preferred by people who trade with $100,000 or more.

Key OTC Trading points

  • Every trade must be a minimum of $100,000 USDT in volume.
  • OTC trade fees are 0.1%
  • To OTC you must also sign up with Trusted Volumes.

Depositing and Trading Fees

HitBTC is strategic in its approach to trading incentives and fee structures. Users are motivated to enhance their trading volumes, thanks to a tiered account system comprising ‘Starter,’ ‘General,’ and ‘Upgraded’ statuses. Beginners and low-volume traders might find the fees on the higher side, but there’s a clear pathway to reduced costs with increased activity.

‘Upgraded’ accounts enjoy substantially lower fees, a direct benefit of higher trade volumes. This structure is not merely a fee schedule but a trader’s journey, rewarding commitment and consistency within the HitBTC ecosystem.

Withdrawal and Transfer Limits

The exchange has no limits on withdrawal amounts.

HitBTC manifests a user-friendly approach in its withdrawal protocols, offering a streamlined process. The platform, known for its relaxed stance on KYC, does recommend account verification to avoid transactional disruptions. This emphasis on verification, especially for withdrawals, is a testament to HitBTC’s commitment to security and regulatory adherence, despite its broader operational freedom.

The platform maintains a balance, offering users autonomy without compromising on the necessary safeguards integral to digital asset security. While the withdrawal ease is a plus, the onus is on the users to follow best practices for a seamless experience.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Available?

The heart of HitBTC’s appeal lies in its remarkable range of available cryptocurrencies. The platform is akin to a vast digital bazaar, presenting over 380 cryptocurrencies spanning more than 800 trading pairs. From the ubiquitous Bitcoin and Ethereum to the more esoteric altcoins, HitBTC is a treasure trove for diverse digital assets.

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Trust and Fund Security

Trust in the digital assets sphere is hard-earned, and HitBTC, despite its veteran status, contends with trust issues primarily due to the nebulous details regarding its ownership and regulatory standing. The platform, however, has not been dormant in this regard. It actively encourages users to adhere to security protocols, suggesting a level of responsibility on both ends.

Security of funds is paramount, and HitBTC reinforces user confidence with advanced security measures. Though the shadow of regulatory ambiguity looms, the platform’s resilience and user testimonials speak volumes about its credibility. However, the onus remains on individual users to navigate their crypto journey with vigilance.

Customer Support

In the fluctuating tides of user satisfaction, HitBTC’s customer support stands as a lighthouse. While the system isn’t devoid of the occasional storm, illustrated by mixed user reviews, there’s a consistent effort to steer through issues. The platform’s responsiveness is its beacon, guiding users through their concerns and technical hurdles.

However, the spectrum of customer experiences varies, underscoring the need for HitBTC to amplify its user support mechanisms. As the exchange evolves, the expectation is for a support system that’s not just reactive but also proactive, anticipating user needs and complications before they escalate.


HitBTC has solidified its presence in the cryptocurrency world, renowned for its early inception in 2013 and a diverse trading platform that welcomes all, from curious beginners to seasoned traders. Originating in the UK and now operating from Chile, it distinguishes itself with a unique robot-friendly API, inviting innovation and customization in the trading realm. This pioneering spirit is complemented by an extensive range of over 500 cryptocurrencies, providing a comprehensive trading environment that emphasizes inclusivity and accessibility.

The platform operates on a nuanced fee structure designed to incentivize user engagement and trading volume. While newcomers may start at higher fee tiers, consistent trading activity is rewarded with significantly reduced rates, fostering a supportive growth pathway within the HitBTC ecosystem. Moreover, despite its expansive digital asset offerings, HitBTC maintains a delicate balance in its withdrawal and security protocols, underscoring a commitment to user safety amidst the flexibility.

In essence, HitBTC represents a convergence of tradition and innovation in the crypto exchange space. Its rich operational history is a foundation upon which it continues to build, offering a blend of vast crypto options, user-friendly trading incentives, and a dedication to security and community building. While areas for improvement exist, particularly in transparency and customer interaction, HitBTC’s commitment to enhancing user trading experience and platform integrity is an unwavering constant in its evolutionary journey.