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FundedPeaks is Germany's pioneering evaluation proprietary trading firm, aiming to revolutionize the trading industry by transforming aspiring traders into proficient professionals within a top-tier trading environment. It stands out by offering up to a 90% profit split, rapid payouts, easy setup, and a supportive community. Founded by experienced trading professionals, FundedPeaks is committed to leveraging deep trading expertise and state-of-the-art technology to ensure unparalleled efficiency and profitability for its traders. Use promo code: 'DJQ7M64TWN' to get 5% off!  
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Who Are Funded Peaks?

Funded Peaks is a proprietary trading firm founded with the goal of transforming the way traders interact with the financial markets. Unlike traditional prop firms, Funded Peaks distinguishes itself with a foundation built on real trading success and a clear commitment to the professional development of its traders. Originating in Germany, this firm is backed by substantial funds and led by  industry-renowned traders, offering an unparalleled blend of real-world trading opportunities and professional growth.

The firm is not just another proprietary trading firm but a revolutionary platform aimed at redefining success in the trading world. By leveraging the extensive experience and success of its founders, Funded Peaks is uniquely positioned to offer traders the tools, education, and capital necessary to succeed in the competitive landscape of financial markets. It’s their belief in nurturing talent through a comprehensive evaluation process and ongoing support that sets them apart. This approach is not only about finding traders who can generate profits but also about developing individuals who understand the nuances of risk management, market analysis, and the psychological aspects of trading. Funded Peaks’ commitment to its traders’ growth goes beyond financial support; it’s about building a community of informed, ethical, and successful trading professionals.

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  • Offers up to a 90% profit split, highlighting its competitive advantage.
  • Rapid payouts, ensuring traders receive their earnings swiftly.
  • Provides a supportive community, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Risk Management
  • Features a unique tier 1 trading environment, emphasizing quality and efficiency.
  • Combines trading expertise with automation, enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Only just launched
  • Not available in certain countries

What Sets Funded Peaks Apart From Other Proprietary Trading Firms?

What truly differentiates Funded Peaks from its competitors is its real-fund trading model, as opposed to the simulated trading environments commonly found in the industry. This approach ensures traders are engaged in genuine market dynamics, providing a more authentic and practical trading experience. Additionally, the firm’s foundation—built on the significant personal success of its founder in trading—instills a level of credibility and ambition rarely seen in the prop trading landscape. With a focus on efficiency, automation, and a generous profit-split model, Funded Peaks is redefining expectations for what a prop trading firm can offer.

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What Are The Options For Funded Accounts?

Funded Peaks offers a unique opportunity for traders aiming to prove their skills and gain access to substantial trading capital. The firm’s structure is designed to identify talented traders through a phased evaluation process, leading to a funded trading account where successful candidates can trade real money and share in the profits. This analysis dives into the specifics of these funded accounts, detailing profit targets, trading days, drawdown limits, and the transition from evaluation to live trading.

Evaluation and Funding Structure

Funded Peaks’ evaluation process is divided into two primary phases, each with specific profit targets and minimum trading day requirements. This structured approach is designed to assess a trader’s ability to generate profits while effectively managing risk.

Phase 1: Traders must achieve an 8% profit target on their starting balance. For instance, on a $100,000 account, the required profit is $8,000. The balance and equity on the account must reflect this 8% growth. Additionally, traders must complete a minimum of three trading days during this phase.

Phase 2: After successfully passing Phase 1, traders enter Phase 2, where the profit target is reduced to 5%. On the same $100,000 account, this means a profit of $5,000 is required, alongside the completion of another set of minimum trading days.

Drawdown Limits

Drawdown limits are crucial in the evaluation process, serving as a risk management tool to prevent excessive losses. Funded Peaks employs both daily and maximum drawdown limits.

  • Daily Drawdown: Set at 5% of the account’s balance at the start of the day. This limit is recalculated daily based on the account’s balance, ensuring traders adapt their strategies to protect their capital.
  • Maximum Drawdown: A generous 12% limit is set from the account’s starting balance. This means that the account will be in violation if the equity falls below 88% of the original balance, irrespective of any profits made thereafter.

Transitioning to a Funded Account

Upon successfully meeting the criteria in both phases, traders are eligible to manage a funded account. The transition from Phase 2 to a live trading account involves completing KYC procedures and adhering to the firm’s operational guidelines.

Profit Sharing and Payouts

Funded Peaks offers an attractive profit-sharing model, where traders receive an 80% share of the profits generated in their funded accounts. The first payout can be requested after completing 14 days of trading on the live account, provided all trades are closed at the time of the request. This model incentivizes traders to maximize their trading performance while maintaining risk management practices.

Rapid Challenge Option

For traders seeking a faster route to a funded account, Funded Peaks offers a “Rapid Challenge” with a higher profit target of 10% in Phase 1. This option accelerates the evaluation process for skilled traders confident in their trading strategies and risk management.

Risk Management: Daily and Maximum Drawdown

Risk management is a cornerstone of Funded Peaks’ evaluation and funding model. The firm emphasizes the importance of managing daily losses and overall account drawdown to ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Daily Drawdown: In the Rapid Challenge, the daily drawdown limit is tightened to 3%, calculated from the account’s starting balance each day. This stricter limit underscores the importance of day-to-day risk management in preserving capital.
  • Maximum Drawdown: The Rapid Challenge also modifies the maximum drawdown to 6%, with a trailing feature that adjusts based on the highest account balance achieved. This approach encourages traders to continuously monitor their risk exposure and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Funded Peaks presents a comprehensive and structured pathway for traders to access funded accounts, with clear criteria for evaluation, risk management, and profit sharing. The firm’s phased evaluation process, combined with specific profit targets and drawdown limits, ensures that only skilled and disciplined traders progress to manage significant capital. The option for a Rapid Challenge caters to more experienced traders seeking a quicker evaluation process. Overall, Funded Peaks’ funding model is designed to foster trading excellence, risk management, and financial success for its participants.

What Are the Rules & Restrictions on Funded Peaks?

Funded Peaks outlines specific rules and restrictions aimed at maintaining a professional trading environment. These include prohibitions on exploiting price display errors, arbitrage strategies, collaborative or hedging/group trading to manipulate the trading environment, and the use of software or AI that gives an unfair advantage. High-frequency trading and any practices that could lead to financial or reputational damage to Funded Peaks are also banned. These guidelines ensure fairness and integrity within the platform.

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What Leverage Can You Use on Funded Peaks?

Funded Peaks offers varying leverage levels based on the asset class to balance trading opportunities with risk management. Forex, indices, and precious metals traders can utilize up to 1:50 leverage, allowing for significant market exposure with a controlled risk approach. For commodities like gas and oil, leverage is reduced to 1:20, reflecting their higher volatility and risk profile. Cryptocurrencies, known for their extreme volatility, offer the lowest leverage at 1:2, encouraging cautious trading strategies.

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Funded Peaks represents a significant evolution in the proprietary trading firm landscape, characterized by its innovative funding model, focus on real-market trading, and the professional development of its traders. With a foundation built on the real-world success of its founders and a commitment to supporting trader success, Funded Peaks offers a unique and compelling value proposition. For those looking to elevate their trading career within a supportive and professional environment, Funded Peaks presents an attractive option.


What is Funded Peaks?

Funded Peaks stands out as a proprietary trading firm that offers a unique opportunity for traders. By participating in a comprehensive two-phase evaluation challenge, traders have the chance to demonstrate their proficiency in managing and growing a trading account. Successfully navigating these phases not only showcases a trader’s skill but also earns them the privilege to trade with the firm’s capital. This model benefits both the trader, who can trade without risking personal funds, and the firm, which invests in proven talent.

How do I start a funded account challenge on Funded Peaks?

Initiating a challenge with Funded Peaks is a straightforward process designed to welcome traders into the fold with minimal hassle. Interested participants are required to register on the Funded Peaks platform, where they can select their preferred challenge size based on their confidence and strategy. Upon selection and payment of the challenge fee, traders gain access to a simulated trading environment that mirrors real-market conditions, setting the stage for them to demonstrate their trading skills.

Who can participate?

Funded Peaks prides itself on inclusivity, opening its doors to a global community of traders. Regardless of geographical location or the level of trading experience, anyone with a passion for trading and the drive to succeed is welcome to participate. This approach democratizes access to trading capital, ensuring that talent and skill are the only barriers to entry.

What are the profit targets on Fundedpeaks?

Profit targets at Funded Peaks are strategically set to challenge traders while also being attainable, providing a clear goal for participants in both phases of the evaluation. These targets are meticulously calculated to assess a trader’s ability to generate consistent profits while effectively managing risks. Achieving these targets is a testament to a trader’s skill and discipline, qualifying them for a funded account.

What are the daily and maximum drawdown limits on Funded Peaks?

To instill a strong risk management discipline, Funded Peaks enforces specific daily and maximum drawdown limits. These limits are designed to prevent significant losses and encourage traders to adopt a cautious and strategic approach to trading. By adhering to these limits, traders prove their capability to protect capital under various market conditions, an essential skill for successful trading.

What happens after passing Phase 1 and Phase 2?

Passing both phases of the Funded Peaks evaluation challenge is a significant achievement, marking a trader’s transition from simulation to real-world trading. Successful candidates are awarded a funded account, complete with a starting balance to trade live markets. This opportunity not only allows traders to apply their skills in real-time but also to earn profits with the firm’s capital, underlining the trust and confidence Funded Peaks places in its traders.

What is the profit split on Funded Peaks?

The profit split arrangement at Funded Peaks is a cornerstone of its partnership with traders. Once a trader achieves profitability in their funded account, they are entitled to a share of the profits generated. This split is designed to reward successful trading strategies and performance, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the trader and the firm. The specific percentage of the profit split is clearly outlined in the trader’s agreement, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Are there commission charges on Funded Peaks?

Commission charges are a standard aspect of trading that Funded Peaks maintains to cover operational costs associated with trade executions. These charges are transparently communicated to traders before they begin the challenge, ensuring there are no surprises. Although commissions are a factor to consider, they are structured to be competitive and fair, allowing traders to focus on strategy and performance without undue concern over costs.

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