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Goat Funded Trader stands as a proprietary trading firm, dedicated to enhancing traders' success and providing an unparalleled trading experience. Founded on 17th May 2023, with its headquarters nestled in the Canary Islands, Spain, Goat Funded Trader has quickly established itself as a beacon for traders seeking to navigate the vast financial markets. With a partnership with ThinkMarkets as their broker, the firm underscores its commitment to quality and reliability.
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  • High Profit Split: Offers up to 95% profit split, starting from 75%, which is competitive and appealing for traders.
  • Low Profit Targets: Requires relatively low profit targets of 8% and 5% for the two phases of its evaluation process, making it easier for traders to qualify for funding.
  • Flexible Trading Conditions: Allows trading during news, holding trades overnight, and on weekends without any minimum trading day limitations, catering to a wide range of trading styles.
  • Variety of Trading Instruments: Provides the opportunity to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies, offering a broad market exposure.
  • High Leverage Options: Offers up to 1:100 leverage, enabling traders to maximise their trading potential with less capital.
  • Refundable Fees: Charges for the evaluation programs are 100% refundable upon successful completion, making it a financially safer option for traders.
  • Comprehensive Support and Tools: Promises 24/7 customer service, the best trading tools, competitive commissions, and tight spreads, enhancing the trading experience.
  • No Time Limit on Evaluation: For the No Time Limit Evaluation program, removing the pressure of a time constraint can help traders perform better.
  • Cons
  • Newness of the Firm: Being incorporated in May 2023, Goat Funded Trader is relatively new in the market, which may raise questions about its long-term reliability and stability.
  • Limited Information on Leadership: Sparse details are available about the CEO and the management team, which may concern traders looking for transparency and leadership track record.
  • Complexity of Evaluation Programs: Multiple evaluation programs with various targets and rules might be confusing or daunting for new traders.
  • Static Overall Drawdown: The static nature of the overall drawdown might not accommodate all trading strategies, especially those requiring more flexibility in risk management.
  • Goat Funded Trader Review

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    Who Are Goat Funded Trader?

    Goat Funded Trader, established on May 17, 2023, is a proprietary trading firm that offers a unique blend of opportunities to traders around the globe. Based in the Canary Islands, Spain, and led by CEO Edoardo Dalla Torre, the firm has set itself apart by offering capital up to $800,000 with impressive profit splits reaching up to 95%. They partner with ThinkMarkets as their broker to ensure their traders have access to competitive trading conditions.

    What Sets Goat Funded Trader Apart from Other Proprietary Trading Firms?

    Goat Funded Trader distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled flexibility in trading strategies. Traders are allowed to trade during news events, hold trades overnight, and over weekends without the constraint of minimum trading days. This freedom, combined with their offering of high leverage up to 1:100 and profit splits that can reach up to 95%, positions them as an attractive option for serious and disciplined traders.

    Goat Funded Trader prides itself on providing an exceptional trading experience, underscored by their commitment to 24/7 customer service and the provision of advanced trading tools. This support structure ensures that traders have constant access to assistance and the resources needed to optimize their trading strategies. Such comprehensive support is a testament to the firm’s commitment to their traders’ success, setting them apart in a competitive market.

    The firm also stands out for its refundable fees policy. This approach not only reduces the financial risk associated with the evaluation process but also reflects the firm’s confidence in its traders. The combination of low-profit targets, competitive commissions, and tight spreads further enhances the attractiveness of Goat Funded Trader, providing a balanced ecosystem where traders can potentially earn high profits by managing substantial account sizes—up to $400,000, with the opportunity to take home up to 95% of the profit splits.

    What Are the Options for Funded Accounts?

    The firm provides three main funding programs: No Time Limit Evaluation, Classic Evaluation, and One-step Evaluation. Each program is designed to cater to different trader profiles and preferences, from those seeking the flexibility of no time limits to those who prefer a more straightforward, one-phase evaluation process. Account sizes range from $5,000 to $200,000, with leverage options up to 1:100, depending on the chosen program.

    No Time Limit Evaluation Program Accounts

    The No Time Limit Evaluation program is designed for traders seeking flexibility in their journey towards funding. It comprises two phases, emphasizing the identification of consistent trading talent. With leverage of up to 1:100, traders can choose account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, available with corresponding prices and swap-free options. The initial phase requires traders to meet an 8% profit target without exceeding a 5% maximum daily loss or 8% overall loss limit. Phase two adjusts the profit target to 5%, maintaining the same loss thresholds. Successful completion of both phases results in a funded account sans profit targets, adhering only to loss limitations. Profit splits start at 75%, with potential increases to 95% based on performance, and the first payout occurs 30 days after the first trade, requiring a minimum of 10 trading days within this period.

    Classic Evaluation Program Accounts

    The Classic Evaluation program mirrors the structure of the No Time Limit Evaluation but introduces specific profit and loss criteria over its two-phase process. With the same leverage and account size offerings, phase one sets a 7% profit target alongside a 4% maximum daily loss and a 10% maximum overall loss limit. Phase two then reduces the profit expectation to 5%. This structure is tailored for traders who prefer a structured path to funding, with clear objectives and boundaries.

    One-step Evaluation Program Accounts

    Catering to disciplined traders, the One-step Evaluation program simplifies the funding path to a single phase, albeit with reduced leverage of up to 1:30. Account sizes for this program range from $15,000 to $200,000, aiming for a 10% profit target while keeping daily losses below 4% and overall losses under 6%. This program is designed for traders confident in their strategy and able to meet higher targets within a streamlined evaluation.

    These funding programs reflect Goat Funded Trader’s commitment to accommodating a broad spectrum of trading preferences and styles. From the flexible, no-time-limit approach to the streamlined, single-phase evaluation, each program is structured to align with different trader objectives and risk tolerances. The firm’s emphasis on realistic profit targets and manageable loss rules enhances the feasibility of obtaining funding, appealing to a wide range of traders from novices to seasoned professionals.

    These funding programs reflect Goat Funded Trader’s commitment to accommodating a broad spectrum of trading preferences and styles. From the flexible, no-time-limit approach to the streamlined, single-phase evaluation, each program is structured to align with different trader objectives and risk tolerances. The firm’s emphasis on realistic profit targets and manageable loss rules enhances the feasibility of obtaining funding, appealing to a wide range of traders from novices to seasoned professionals.

    Goat Funded Trader’s funded account options stand out for their inclusivity, flexibility, and the potential for high reward. Whether a trader prioritizes time flexibility, clear phased goals, or a direct route to funding, the firm offers a tailored solution. With a strategic approach to the evaluation process and realistic success criteria, Goat Funded Trader positions itself as an accessible and appealing choice for traders aiming to leverage proprietary capital for their trading endeavors.

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    Is Getting Funded on The Goat Funded Trader Realistic?

    Given the firm’s relatively low profit targets and flexible maximum loss rules, securing funding from Goat Funded Trader is deemed realistic. Their programs are designed to accommodate a wide range of trading styles and strategies, making it accessible for serious traders to achieve funding.

    One of the most compelling attributes of Goat Funded Trader is the design of its evaluation programs, featuring relatively low profit targets compared to industry standards. With phase one targets at 8% and phase two at 5%, the firm establishes a realistic threshold that acknowledges the volatility and unpredictability of the financial markets. Such targets provide a balanced challenge that is achievable for traders who employ sound strategies and risk management practices.

    Moreover, the firm’s approach to loss limits is notably lenient. The maximum drawdown limits are set at levels that offer traders enough room to maneuver during drawdown periods without the immediate threat of disqualification. This flexibility is crucial in allowing traders to recover from adverse market movements, thus increasing their chances of successfully completing the evaluation phases.

    What Brokers Does Goat Funded Trader Use?

    Goat Funded Trader exclusively partners with ThinkMarkets, a renowned multi-asset brokerage firm. This partnership ensures that traders have access to premium trading conditions, competitive commissions, and tight spreads, enhancing their trading experience and potential for success.

    What Trading Instruments Do Goat Funded Trader Offer?

    The firm offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies. This diversity enables traders to engage in various markets, maximizing their trading strategies and potential returns.

    What Are the Rules & Restrictions on Goat Funded Trader?

    While offering significant freedom, there are still rules and restrictions, such as prohibitions against certain high-frequency trading EAs and strategies exploiting Metatrader console vulnerabilities. News trading is allowed, and there are no strict requirements for stop-loss/take-profit orders, but overnight and weekend holding is subject to certain exceptions. Accounts inactive for over 30 days are considered breached.

    What Leverage Can You Use on Goat Funded Trader?

    Leverage options are generous, with up to 1:100 available for forex, metals, and oils, though different rates apply to other instruments. This high leverage facilitates significant trading opportunities, especially for those confident in their trading strategies and risk management.

    Goat Funded Trader Customer Support and Help

    Email: support@goatfundedtrader.com

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    Goat Funded Trader Trust Pilot Reviews

    Goat Funded Trader has received great customer feedback from its traders on Trust Pilot. With an overall score of 4.3 out of 5 from 864 reviews.


    Goat Funded Trader emerges as a promising prop trading firm, offering a blend of flexibility, generous profit splits, and supportive trading conditions. Its unique programs cater to a broad spectrum of traders, from novices to experienced professionals, making it an enticing option for those seeking to maximize their trading potential. However, as with any trading endeavor, success is not guaranteed, and potential traders should carefully consider their strategies and risk tolerance when engaging with the firm’s offerings.


    What is the set profit target and maximum overall and daily drawdown limits for One Step Evaluations?

    The profit target for One Step Evaluations is set at 10%, with a maximum overall drawdown limit of 6% and a daily drawdown limit of 4%.

    What steps must traders follow after passing Phase One of the evaluation process?

    Upon passing Phase One, traders enter a review process, involving KYC onboarding and potentially transitioning to a live account within 72 hours, given all conditions are met.

    How does the leverage vary for different assets?

    The leverage for One Step Evaluations varies by asset, up to 1:30 for Forex, Metals, Oils, and different levels for other instruments.

    After how many days from the first trade can participants request a payout on Goat Funded Trader?

    Payouts can be requested after 30 days from the first trade, with subsequent payouts every 14 days.

    How long do withdrawals take to process on Goat Funded Trader?

    Goat Funded Trader processes withdrawal requests within 48 to 72 business hours via Rise, requiring a minimum withdrawal amount of $100.

    Under what conditions are participants eligible for a 120% refund on their account purchase fee?

    Participants are eligible for a 120% refund on their account purchase fee by their third payout, under specific conditions.

    How do profit splits for simulated funded accounts vary with time?

    Profit splits in simulated funded accounts start at 80% for the first payout and can increase up to 95%, depending on specific conditions and trader performance.

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