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My Funded Futures

My Funded Futures is a proprietary trading firm designed to support and fund talented traders. By providing significant financial leverage and cutting-edge trading technology, the firm enables traders to maximize their market potential. Traders are assessed through a structured evaluation process, where successful candidates gain access to the firm's capital. My Funded Futures focuses on fostering growth and success in the trading community, offering a platform where traders can thrive without the risk of personal financial investment. Use promo code: 'secretstotrading101' to get 5% off!
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  • No Activation Fee
  • Flexible Account Options
  • Quick Evaluation Process
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Diverse Trading Instruments
  • Cons
  • New on the Scene
  • Limited Historical Data
  • Activation Fee on Starter Accounts
  • Who Are My Funded Futures?

    My Funded Futures (MFFU), launched in September 2023, represents a forward-thinking addition to the futures proprietary trading firm landscape. With origins tied to its sister company MyFundedFX, renowned for its forex trading prowess, MFFU leverages deep market insights to provide futures traders with comprehensive funding solutions. This transition marks MFFU’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and tapping into the dynamic futures market, underscoring its ambition to offer traders a robust platform for growth and profit maximization.

    Distinctive for its no activation fee policy and flexible account options—catering to both Starter and Expert traders—MFFU strives to make futures trading accessible and profitable for a wide audience. Its innovative features, including the “pass in 1 day” challenge and transparent pricing structure, set it apart in a field where entry barriers and cost concerns often deter potential traders. Despite being a relatively new player, MFFU’s strategic initiatives and user-friendly approach have quickly garnered attention, signaling its potential to reshape futures trading.

    The firm’s unique selling proposition hinges on simplicity and trader empowerment. By eliminating common hurdles associated with funding and evaluation processes, MFFU aims to attract a diverse cohort of traders, from forex veterans exploring futures markets to novices seeking a supportive and streamlined pathway to trading success.

    What Sets My Funded Futures Apart from Other Futures Prop Trading Firms?

    My Funded Futures distinguishes itself through several key features that cater to the needs of both novice and expert traders. Its no activation fee policy, coupled with a unique “pass in 1 day” feature, streamlines the path to funding for traders, significantly reducing the entry barriers typically associated with futures trading. Unlike many of its competitors, My Funded Futures offers a transparent and simplified evaluation process, making it an attractive choice for traders looking for a straightforward and cost-effective way to access substantial trading capital.

    The differentiation is further pronounced in the account options provided by My Funded Futures. With six distinct accounts divided into “Starter” and “Expert” categories, the firm caters to a wide spectrum of trading strategies and risk appetites. The “Starter” accounts, while cheaper upfront, include an activation fee upon passing, alongside a scaling plan. On the other hand, “Expert” accounts, though more expensive initially, feature $0 activation fees and no scaling rules, presenting a clear pathway to larger trading capacities for seasoned traders.

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    What are the Options for Funded Accounts?

    My Funded Futures’ account structure is designed to accommodate the diverse preferences and financial capacities of its users. The six account options are split into “Starter” and “Expert” levels, each tailored to different stages of a trader’s journey. “Starter” accounts are ideal for those new to futures trading or with limited capital, offering lower upfront costs but including an activation fee post-successful evaluation. “Expert” accounts, meanwhile, appeal to more experienced traders, eliminating activation fees and scaling rules, thereby facilitating a direct approach to maximizing trading opportunities.

    Expanding on the account options provided by My Funded Futures, the firm offers six distinct accounts categorized into “Starter” and “Expert” levels, each designed to suit traders at different stages of their trading journey. The “Starter” accounts are aimed at newcomers or those preferring a lower initial cost, featuring scaling plans but including an activation fee upon passing. The “Expert” accounts, conversely, cater to more experienced traders, offering a higher initial cost but with no activation fees and no scaling rules, thereby facilitating unrestricted trading from the outset.

    Each account tier has different pricing, contract allowances, and profit goals, designed to accommodate a wide range of trading strategies and risk preferences. The cost per month, number of contracts allowed, and specific financial goals vary, ensuring traders can select the account that best fits their trading style and objectives.

    My Funded Futures Account Options

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    What Brokers Does My Funded Futures Use?

    My Funded Futures collaborates with reputable brokers and platforms such as Tradovate and NinjaTrader, ensuring traders access to reliable and user-friendly trading interfaces. These platforms support a variety of feeds, including CQG and Rithmic, offering flexibility and choice to traders based on their preferences and trading strategies.

    What Trading Instruments Do My Funded Futures Offer?

    The firm offers a broad range of futures trading instruments, encompassing contracts on major exchanges like the CME, NYMEX, and COMEX. This diverse selection allows traders to engage with various markets, including energy, metals, treasury bonds, forex, and cryptocurrency futures, thus catering to a wide array of trading interests and strategies.

    What Are the Rules & Restrictions on My Funded Futures?

    My Funded Futures implements clear and trader-friendly rules designed to promote successful trading while managing risk effectively. The absence of daily loss limits and the adoption of a maximum End of Day (EOD) drawdown policy are key features that offer traders the flexibility to execute their strategies without the constant pressure of hitting daily loss thresholds.

    What Leverage Can You Use on My Funded Futures?

    The leverage available to traders on My Funded Futures varies based on the account type and size, with specific details designed to balance the potential for high returns against the risk of significant losses. The firm’s approach to leverage is calculated to ensure traders can maximize their trading potential while adhering to prudent risk management practices.

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    My Funded Futures Trust Pilot Reviews

    My Funded Futures has received great customer feedback from its traders on Trust Pilot. With an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 from 434 reviews.


    My Funded Futures emerges as a progressive and trader-centric futures proprietary trading firm, offering unique advantages such as no activation fees, a simplified evaluation process, and a diverse range of trading instruments. Its commitment to transparency, trader success, and flexibility positions it as a compelling choice for traders at all levels seeking to advance their futures trading careers. With a structure that supports growth and profitability, My Funded Futures stands out as a promising platform for those looking to navigate the futures markets effectively.


    How does My Funded Futures differ from other prop trading firms?

    It distinguishes itself with a no activation fee on Expert accounts, a simplified evaluation process, and flexible account options for different levels of traders.

    What account options does My Funded Futures offer?

    There are six account options divided into “Starter” and “Expert” levels, tailored to accommodate different trading strategies and financial capacities.

    Is it realistic to get funded by My Funded Futures?

    Yes, the firm’s innovative evaluation process and transparent criteria make getting funded realistic and more accessible compared to traditional prop trading firms.

    What are the rules and restrictions at My Funded Futures?

    The firm has trader-friendly rules with no daily loss limits and a maximum End of Day (EOD) drawdown policy, providing flexibility in trading strategies.

    What is My Funded Futures?

    My Funded Futures is a futures proprietary trading firm launched in September 2023, known for its no activation fee policy and innovative features like the “pass in 1 day” challenge.

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