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Who Are True Forex Funds?

As one of the most esteemed platforms in the prop trading firms domain, we have gathered an in-depth understanding of the varied prop trading options available in the market. Today, our spotlight shines on True Forex Funds, a prop trading firm on a rapid rise in the realm of foreign exchange, earning its spot as one of the reputable providers of funded trading accounts.

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  • Earnings Split of up to 80% Await
  • Embrace Weekend Positions with Open Arms
  • Trade Freely with Unfettered Trading Style
  • Funding up to $400,000
  • Limited choices for trading platforms

True Forex Funds is a prop trading firm with a primary focus on the foreign exchange market. This emerging giant in the industry is advancing at a commendable pace, building an efficient and accessible trading platform designed to cater to all traders. It stands out for its attractive profit splits and low fees that appeal to seasoned professionals seeking funded trading accounts.

What Sets True Forex Funds Apart from Other Proprietary Trading Firms?

At the heart of True Forex Funds’ surge in popularity lies its advanced trading platform. Traders get access to a blend of high-quality trade execution, an extensive suite of charting tools, and robust risk management features. These contribute towards a streamlined trading experience, enhancing efficiency and potentially leading to better outcomes with their funded trading accounts.

In addition, True Forex Funds offers round-the-clock customer support throughout the trading week, addressing queries promptly to minimize downtime and ensure the smooth operation of trades. Their continuous efforts towards platform improvements, heavily influenced by traders’ feedback, underline their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This direct interaction aids traders in making the most of their funded trading accounts.

True Forex Funds’ resolve to empower traders is clear in its vast array of educational resources. They offer a wide spectrum of educational materials, including insightful videos, interactive webinars, and comprehensive articles tailored to the learning needs of both novices and experienced traders. Their focus on trader education is a testament to their mission of building an informed and successful trading community, helping traders maximize the value from their funded trading accounts.

True Forex Funds stands tall with its highly competitive profit-sharing model. Offering an 80-20 profit split, traders are entitled to keep 80% of the profits they generate. This profit-sharing structure, combined with a low monthly subscription fee and a competitive evaluation program, presents an appealing proposition for traders seeking funded trading accounts.

True Forex Funds heavily emphasizes the importance of sound risk management strategies, motivating traders to create sustainable trading patterns. The firm has established a maximum daily loss limit and a maximum overall loss limit. This safety net ensures traders can control their potential losses and trade with confidence in their funded trading accounts.

What Are The Options For Funded Accounts?

In the realm of True Forex Funds, traders are presented with a range of evaluation program accounts, each designed to cater to specific trading styles and preferences. These programs aim to identify skilled and consistent traders who are dedicated to mastering the art of trading. True Forex Funds offers three primary types of evaluation program accounts, each characterized by distinct pricing structures and trading objectives:

Standard Evaluation Program Accounts

The Standard evaluation program account is meticulously designed to recognize serious and capable traders who demonstrate their prowess over a two-phase evaluation period. In this account type, traders are granted the opportunity to operate with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

Phase One Evaluation

During the first phase, traders are tasked with achieving a profit target of 8%, all while adhering to the maximum daily loss of 5% and maximum loss of 10% thresholds. This profit target must be met within 30 calendar days from the initial trade placement, coupled with a minimum of five trading days to proceed to the subsequent phase.

Phase Two Evaluation

The second phase necessitates traders to attain a 5% profit target, maintaining the same maximum daily loss and maximum loss criteria as before. This profit target must be achieved within 60 calendar days from the first trade placement, again accompanied by a minimum of five trading days. Successful completion of both evaluation phases grants traders a funded account, devoid of profit targets. Instead, traders are required to observe the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss thresholds.

Scaling Plan:Additionally, the Standard evaluation program account offers a scaling plan wherein traders can enhance their account balance by reaching a profit target of 8% or more over a three-month period. Upon achieving this feat for two out of three consecutive months, traders receive an account increase of 25% of the original account balance.

Quick Funding Evaluation Program Accounts

The Quick Funding evaluation program account mirrors the Standard account in many aspects but with a swifter timeline for evaluation. This account is tailored for traders who are confident in their abilities and seek expedited progress.

Timeless Funding Evaluation Program Accounts:

The Timeless Funding evaluation program account shares the core principles of the Standard and Quick Funding accounts but extends the timeline for evaluation. It caters to traders who prefer a more extended period to demonstrate their trading skills.

Across all three evaluation program accounts, traders can engage with a diverse set of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Key Aspects Common to All Evaluation Program Accounts

  • Profit Targets: Each evaluation phase comes with specific profit targets, which must be attained before traders can proceed, withdraw profits, or scale their accounts. Funded accounts, however, do not have profit targets.
  • Maximum Daily Loss: Traders are provided with a maximum daily loss limit of 5% to manage risk.
  • Maximum Loss: All evaluation program accounts are subject to a maximum loss threshold of 10%.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Both evaluation phases mandate a minimum of five trading days before advancing or requesting a withdrawal.
  • Maximum Trading Days: Evaluation phases are bounded by maximum trading days (30 for phase one, 60 for phase two) to encourage timely progress.
  • Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: Traders utilizing third-party copy trading services should be mindful of potential replication of trading strategies, which might lead to exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule.
  • Third-Party EA Risk: Similar to copy trading, the use of third-party EAs could result in trading strategies being duplicated, potentially impacting funded account eligibility.
  • Account Scaling Plan Each evaluation program account type features a scaling plan that rewards consistent profitability over consecutive three-month periods with an account balance increase of 25% of the original balance.

Additional Features

True Forex Funds offers a unique feature for Phase One and Phase Two accounts: if the trading period expires but the retry conditions are met, traders receive new login credentials for the respective phase on the following business day. This prevents traders from restarting at Phase One in such cases.

This prop firm provides traders with a variety of evaluation program accounts, each meticulously designed to cater to different trading styles, time preferences, and risk appetites. By adhering to the specific criteria and leveraging their skills, traders can progress through the evaluation phases, potentially leading to a fully funded account where they can trade with greater flexibility and fewer profit targets. It’s imperative for traders to comprehend the nuances of each account type and evaluate which best aligns with their trading goals and strategies.

True Forex Funds Funded Accounts

Is Getting Funded On True Forex Funds Realistic?

True Forex Funds has an evaluation process that potential traders need to pass to join the platform. This assessment ensures that only skilled and dedicated traders make their way into the platform, thereby maintaining the quality of the trading community and enhancing the performance of funded trading accounts.

Beyond its primary focus on the forex market, True Forex Funds offers its traders access to other financial markets. Traders can diversify their portfolios and leverage opportunities across global markets, making the most of their funded trading accounts.

True Forex Funds’ trading platform sports a user-friendly interface, ensuring traders can navigate the platform easily. The ease of use, combined with robust functionality, makes it an ideal platform for both beginner and seasoned traders seeking funded trading accounts.

True Forex Funds also distinguishes itself through its commitment to accountability and transparency. They provide regular reports to traders on their performance, offering clear visibility on trades and fostering a transparent trading environment for funded trading accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds is a proprietary trading firm with a primary focus on the foreign exchange market. It provides a trading platform, educational resources, and a profit-sharing model for traders of all experience levels.

Is true forex funds reliable?

True Forex Funds is reliable and trustworthy proprietary trading firm, which was incorporated in October 2021 so has been around for several years and continues to grow in popularity with traders.

Where is True Forex Funds located?

True Forex Funds is a prop firm located in Gyor, Hungary.

How can I join True Forex Funds?

To join True Forex Funds, traders must undergo an evaluation process. This ensures that only committed and skilled traders become part of the trading community.

What markets can I trade with True Forex Funds?

While True Forex Funds primarily focuses on the forex market, it also offers access to other financial markets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios.

How does the profit sharing work at True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds operates on an 80-20 profit split. This means that traders get to keep 80% of the profits they make.

What kind of risk management features does True Forex Funds offer?

True Forex Funds places strong emphasis on risk management. It sets a maximum daily loss limit and an overall loss limit, helping traders to control their potential losses.

What educational resources does True Forex Funds provide?

True Forex Funds offers a broad spectrum of educational resources including videos, webinars, and articles, catering to both novice and seasoned traders.

How does True Forex Funds ensure accountability and transparency?

True Forex Funds provides regular reports to traders, giving them clear visibility on their trades and fostering a transparent trading environment.

What are the fees associated with trading at True Forex Funds?

True Forex Funds is known for its low monthly subscription fees, which are offset by its competitive profit-sharing structure.

True Forex Funds Customer Support and Help

True Forex Funds provides 24/5 customer support to promptly resolve queries, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth trade operations.


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True Forex Funds has received great customer feedback from its traders on Trust Pilot. With an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 from 1,825 reviews.

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Taking all factors into account, True Forex Funds is shaping up as a formidable competitor in the prop trading industry. Its comprehensive trading platform, superior customer service, wealth of educational resources, and appealing profit-sharing structure position it as a preferred choice for traders seeking funded trading accounts. The firm continues to show a promising trajectory towards becoming a major player in the prop trading field.

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