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Setting Up MetaTrader 4 on Mobile

Step 1: Download the App

  • 1.1 Download the MetaTrader 4 app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • 1.2 Install the app on your device.

MetaTrader 4 885x400 Image 1

Step 2: Log In to Your Broker Account

  • 2.1 Open the app and tap on ‘Manage Accounts’ or the ‘+’ sign to add a new account.

  • 2.2 Enter your brokerage account details — login ID and password. Select your broker from the search list or type in the server details manually.

MetaTrader 4 885x400 Image 4

Step 3: Customize Your Trading Environment

  • 3.1 Explore the settings options available within the app to adjust charts, trade execution, and notifications according to your preference.

Step 4: Start Trading

  • 4.1 Use the app to monitor markets, execute trades, check your history, and manage orders directly from your mobile device.

Linking Your Broker Account to MetaTrader 4

Step 1: Obtain Login Details

  • 1.1 When you register with a broker, they will provide you with MT4 login credentials (login ID, password) and server information.

Step 2: Enter Details into MT4

  • 2.1 Enter these details in the login window of MetaTrader 4, either on desktop or mobile. Make sure you select the correct server as given by your broker.

Step 3: Verify Connection

  • 3.1 Once logged in, check the bottom-right corner of the MT4 platform to see if it indicates a successful connection with the number of bars depicting signal strength.

Step 4: Troubleshooting

  • 4.1 If you cannot connect, recheck your login details and server information, or contact your broker’s support for assistance.

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The OspreyFX prop firm has many standout features including the substantial leverage it offers, reaching up to 500:1 for Forex and Metals, 1:100 for Cryptos, 1:200 for energies, 1:50 for Indices, and 1:20 for stocks, notably surpassing industry standards. However, it's crucial to note that OspreyFX, despite aggregating liquidity from reputable providers like Lmax, Charter Prime, and Bitfinex, lacks regulatory oversight. This makes it a high-risk choice, but traders from across the world still have good experiences with this prop firm. While it may attract traders of various experience levels, the absence of regulation and customer dissatisfaction raise caution flags. OspreyFX is appropriate for both experienced and novice traders who are ready to cooperate with an unregulated Forex broker without a license to provide dealer services.